About The Company

Forever Enterprises was founded in 2013 by  Patrick and Lena Mdakane .

As Historically Disadvantaged the couple, the Mdakane’s, took advantage of their experience in the field of Armature Winding. They combined employees who have previous extensive experience in the  Electrical rewinding sector. Both shareholders are directly involved in the business.

Forever Enterprises offers rewinding and refurbishment of Alternating Current (A/C) Electrical motors), Direct Current (D/C motors), Slipring Motors, Submersible Pumps, Loco Motors, Vibrator motors, Battery Chargers, Welding Machines, Ventilation Fans and transformers. 

All repairs, refurbishing and supplying of products are in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 Standards and in collaboration with a Quality Manual with relevant procedures.

Then in 2018 the Mdakanes partnered with fso Business Solutions and started offering I.T services and supply of stationery and office consumables as well as a range of promotional and safety wear.

Using the latest technology, the right staff and technicians, reliable software and excellent pricing, Forever Enterprises is fast becoming the company of choice with small and medium business.


Our Mission is to become one of the leading Black owned Armature Rewinding companies, I.T service providers, Promotional Houses and stationery suppliers servicing South Africa and neighboring countries. 

Forever will be renowned for offering clients a personal service and a quality product at competitive prices, throughout South Africa and surrounding African countries.



Our Vision is to be a sustainable Black Economic Empowered Company with an employee total of at least 100, thus creating job opportunities for the unskilled


Competitive Advantage

We have combined industry knowledge past 4O years. We commit to efficient turnaround time, superior  level of expertise, quality products and excellent pricing structures.

By partnering with fso Business Solutions, we are passionately involved with the I.T field, are able to supply office consumables and stationery and provide branding and promotional items as well as safety wear.