We offer the following in the I.T field:

General Office Support :

  • Pastel Support  
  • Pastel and Software Training
  • Domain Hosting                                                                                                                         
  • Web development
  • Networking and Network Support
  • Virus Removal and Anti-Virus Software
  • We supply all hardware in the I.T field
  • We also do CCTV setup and repairs to old CCTV systems
  • Our callout and support rates are very competitive and possibly the cheapest professional rates in Gauteng.


Sage pastel is one of the most popular and user friendly accounting software and invoicing programmes on the market. 

We offer: 

1. Pastel sales and support. Support rates are R450.00 per hour. This is a guide line price, and our rates are discounted for initial installation and for resolving issues that take up a lot of time. In fact our cost of resolving an issue that takes an entire day could equal the hourly rate of some companies.

2. We offer pastel training based on our current special for R950.00 per person. We hope to maintain this price for as long as possible but suggest that you make the most of it while the special is on offer.

3. We also do pastel support on a retainer basis.

For more information contact us by clicking the contact tab for contact information. 


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Have you ever stopped to imagine what you would do if your computer system crashed, you lost all your information in your company, your data wiped off completely. This is a reality and it happens daily.

Scary feeling, but don’t fear Forever has the solution.

Over the years it becomes essential to maintain computers, networks and I.T infrastructure. With this in mind we have put together a maintenance structure to take care of all your I.T needs. We endeavour to take care of this with minimal downtime at reasonable pricing.

Viruses, surges, data loss, data corruption, backups etc… these are areas that can cause major problems on the long run especially with staff using USB devices from computer to computer. It is easy for virus to travel when you least expect it, therefore proper maintenance and support structures need to be put into place. 

We offer to have our services retained from as little as R200.00 per PC per month. Prices fluctuate based on the number of machines. 

For more information, contact us.

011 760 2101

061 083 7486

084 322 8445

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The Anti-Virus and Internet Security industry is huge. Pay Anti viruses and free versions all making promises to protect you.

But with so many Anti-virus products out there how does one choose.

True, it is best to have some protection as opposed to none. But no Anti-virus can promise total protection. Some use too much resources, some are excellent in one area of protection but fall short in other areas, some pickup false viruses. After many years of not selling Anti-virus products, the Forever team, working together with security analysts, has found that the best Anti-virus protection out there is a little known programme (little known in South Africa) out there called Escan.

Unlike other Anti-viruses Escan holds its position as the best and most stable Anti-virus, Anti-malware, cloud security, internet security and mail security programme out there.

We don’t say that it is good in order sell it. Rather, we sell it because it is the best and it is the only Anti-virus that we have confidence in. But not even Escan can promise 100% protection.

But such is our confidence in this product is that we undertake to clean your machine at no charge if you have an infection while using Escan. 

Please note that the most dangerous malware out there is ransomware and although Escan does quarantine such emails, we urge you not to open attachments from unknown senders. 

Price: R300.00 single user

“Discounts on multi user purchases.” 



No matter how much money and no matter how much security you put into place, there is always a chance of a hard drive or machine crashing. Machines can be replaced, but how does one replace years of valuable information. The only way is make regular backups. 

Experience shows that backup systems put in place are generally not done timeously and regularly. In many cases not all information is backed up. Many backup systems are not efficient. 

We offer backup services on callout and retainer bases from as little as R300.00 per month per machine. Our price decreases based on the number of machines.

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Forever supplies and does installation and configuration as well as repairs to CCTV cameras, DVR’s and other CCTV related products. We do new, complete installations as well.

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We provide stable hosting with a 99% uptime guarantee. We use the most stable servers, as per our testing, in South Africa and Canada. From basic shared Linux hosting all the way to VPS and true servers, we cover the hosting spectrum.
Most hosting done these days is a volume related business. This is not our market. If you are looking for personalised service and if you are serious about your mail and website hosting, then Forever is the company you should choose for your internet hosting services. For more information and for tailor made packages to suite you, contact the Forever team. 

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Forever now offers the best in website development. We cater for the new and the up and coming business with basic designs to give you a web presence with a completely professional look. We also cater for the new and established business that wants it all. 
We specialise in clean and professional websites that are more than just an online presence but rather becomes a powerful marketing tool. We can setup online buying sites as well. Our websites are customised for each company’s individual needs. All our sites are updated with latest security patches automatically from time to time, an area that most developers sadly neglect. 
Our websites backend (the area you will use) is designed for ease of use so that it is easy for you to do minor “development” such as uploading pictures, changing prices and making changes to some content. 
We do however offer to maintain your site for you and even manage bulk marketing email, if required, for a nominal retainer fee. 
To launch yourself onto the world of cyber, contact the Forever team.